Op Art Royal Copenhagen ‘Swing’ Two Piece Collection 1974

£ 225.00

Two Pieces from Royal KPM 1974 ‘Swing’ Series Op Art

Height 22 cms Diameter  10 cms This superb retro white porcelain vase was made by German firm Royal KPM in the 1970’s. 

The small  OP Art influenced ball shape vase has a sculptured curved design on the front and back of the vase in matte or ‘bisque’ porcelain, whereas the sides, central circular deep blue ‘jewel’ and inside of the vase itself are in a gloss finish.It measures 7cm tall (weight is 235 grams). The base is marked wit the Royal KPM firms stamp, Bavaria, Germany Handarbeit (handmade) and ‘Echt cobalt’ which refers to the ‘real cobalt’ blue jewel eye. the form number is 778/7.






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