Fat Lava to Murano the Modernist Bull

The fat lava Ruscha Bull with its acidic glaze, triggered of our fascination with this wonderful pieces.

The interest developed first of all due  to the texture of the glaze; a  lunar landscape , or lava from a volcano.  The explosive vibrant colours are also typical of West German Fat Lava.  Or, the Murano bull from Italy, slick, polished abstract.  The fascination with this motif of the 60s is widespread.  

From the art of Picasso to the Ruscha Bull, these venerated beasties have taken many forms from Otto Keramik in West Germany s. to the glass bulls of the island of  Murano Bulls, abstract of form.

We have even managed to source a beautiful Scandinavian designed carving and representing British ceramics – the Trentham Bull

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