Christmas is coming – from many years ago I delivered a skill in reading micro-facial expressions, a gift and a curse – means I can’t be fooled if the recipient of the gift doesn’t really like it then I KNOW IT

It hurts and I needed to resolve this deeply entrenched issue.   Money and vouchers were not an option, I want presents….and everyone else does, as long as they are breathtakingly thoughtful.

Case Study

Our friends had decided to tie the knot after 20 years of blissfully living together, now why did they have to go and do that?  Beautiful apartment with everything you could wish for and there was no way I was being any maid of honour oh god and the seating plans…

However, there is a great aspect to having friends and family – you are happy when they are happy.  On that basis you know what your friends’ tastes are, the food they like, music they listen to so it makes sense that you would know what they like art/design-wise.   In this particular case we opted for Nils Landberg ‘Dusk’ collection.  Beautiful, simple form, deep and mystical tones – androgenous. Every major gift-giving event we add more and now they have a stunning 10 piece collection that packs a punch and

The fascination with all things modernist does not show any sign of slowing down. The aesthetic of the design and skilled craftsmanship are timeless and highly like to increase in value!  A winner non?


Have you thought about Christenings….



Pair of Roth Vases Lozenge and Banjo l

Pair of Iconic Roth Vases/Sculpture 313 and 309

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