Italian Fazzoleti, Ryd and Holmegaard ‘Carnaby’

Ruscha Bull with Murano Art Glass Pop Art Dish

Ruscha Bull with Murano Art Glass Pop Art Dish

Pair of Red Bulls by Otto Keramik – original design dating from 1957 original moulds and techniques

60s design glass and ceramics Pop Art Vases by Ryd

Ryd Hooped Vases early 1960s

Today,  we need as much optimism as possible.  We never get tired of seeing  the same reaction to these wonderful pieces – the colour!!!!  Simplicity of form – superb craftsmanship.  The comments on our instagram page – and the reaction at shows which spans all age groups.

We can also can observe the ‘journey’ in time of the designs across Europe from Scandinavia to Italy via Czechoslovakia.  Holmegaard Kastrup through to the Isle of Wight and London, for Whitefriars and Michael Harris, the ceramic bulls from West Germany – still made today.  The ‘word’ spread across the Atlantic to North America to designers such as Wayne Husted for Blenko.

Many people seeing these pieces for the first time find it hard to believe that the Morretti Satinato, the Holmegaard Carnaby, Bianconi pieces are all over 50 years old.  As we all tire of mass produced items these pieces are a salve for the soul, beauty in your environment and possibly even an excellent investment. What’s not to like?, #design, #midcentury modern, #Nordicdesign, scandinavian design, PerLutken, Holmegaard, Ryds