Icons of Scandinavian 20th Century Modernist glass are Per Lutken, Nils Landberg for Holmegaard and Orrefors respectively, Tamara Aladin, and Jan Beranek for Sklo. Without a huge investment you can preserve the pieces of some of the most influential designers and craftsmen of the period.

Nils Landberg Collection 3 Dusk Axe Heads

Stunning design classics home or business.  Carry you design vision throughout the home or reinforce your business  brand.  The collectibles market is healthy over most of the globe so these pieces can be not only beautiful to look at but a good investment too.

Nils Landberg – Fish or Axe Heads in Black Smoke, signed.

Smoked Glass Icy Crystal, Stainless Steel and Teak

Nuutajarvi Blue Smoke 2 pieces
Lindshammer, Holmegaard Cocoon Vase and Murano Block

Nils Landberg for Orrefors and Per Lutken for Holmegaard

Nils Landberg (died in 1972) . He is one of the glass masters of Sweden and represented at the National Museum in Stockholm as well as in Germany and the USA.

Landsberg’s public embellishments are found in hotels, restaurants and banquet rooms all around the country.

PER LÜTKEN Danish Glass Designer – architect of Scandinavian form and function in glassware

Per Lütken died in 1998 0 the unsurpassed master of Danish glass design and one of Holmegaard’s most inspirational glass designers.  His most famous ranges were in smoke or ice blue and influenced glass makers across Europe. Lutken was the original designer of the Gulvase (below centre)

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